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A few years ago, I wrote a casserole cookbook. 

It's called "Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven." (Technically, it has an exclamation point at the end of the subtitle, but I'm not so fond of those.)

You can buy a copy if you want. I'd really like that:


Barnes & Noble


Here's the description from the publisher: 

Long the butt of foodies' jokes, the time has come to redeem and reclaim the humble casserole, in all its baked, cheese-topped glory. Hearty, no-fuss, and old-school delicious, the classic and updated casserole recipes in this collection will leave traditionalists and trendy foodies alike hungering for more.

Casserole Crazy Emily Farris has collected 125 variations on this theme that will have eaters sneaking back to the buffet for seconds—and thirds. With recipes from cooking pros--including Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, and Donatella Arpaia—friends, and family, this quirky collection presents the best ideas of the mix, from Beefy Mac to 5 Ps Italian Casserole, Classic Tuna Noodle to Zucchini and Corn Bake. And since it includes vegetarian, vegan, and lactose-and gluten-free alternatives, everyone can go casserole crazy.

Like most long pieces of written word, it had a few typos in it, so I set up a recipe edits page on the book's original site.

The book, as well as my annual casserole parties, got some pretty great press over the years: 

Get Cheesy At This Year’s Cutthroat Casserole Competition
Gothamist, 10/19/11
Sure, you might live in Brooklyn now, with your bird tattoos and your freelance design job, but there was a time—a time that you don’t like to talk about—when you lived in the Midwest, perhaps as a child. And in that time, you loved to eat the quintessential Midwestern mom dish: casseroles. Don’t be ashamed. Revel in your love of the one-pot dish: the flaky crust, the hearty filling, the cheesy topping. Then take that love and show the world you’re not afraid at the 7th annual Casserole Party, October 24 at the Brooklyn Kitchen. Read more…
Go Casserole Crazy at this year’s deep-dish dead heat!
The Brooklyn Paper, 10/18/11

Brooklyn’s most-competitive home cooks will test their Midwestern mettle at the annual Casserole Crazy cook-off on Oct. 24 at the Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg. Read more…
The 7th Annual Casserole Party Gets Cookin’!, 10/17/11
It might sound cheesy, but it’s for a good cause: The Brooklyn Casserole Party will raise money for Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. Last year’s Casserole Party was a delicious success; over $1,100 went to the soup kitchen, and 44 teams competed for a grand prize of gorgeous Le Creuset cookware. Read more…
Where It’s Good to Be Flaky
New York Times’ Urban Eye (newsletter), 10/20/09


Food Schmooze: Casseroles
The Faith Middleton Show on Connecticut Public Radio, 10/7/09

The woman who runs an annual casserole competition in Brooklyn shares her favorite recipes including some from Bobby Flay and Paula Deen. Listen (interview begins at 32:50).
Check out my review in the December-January issue of BUST.
New York laat biovoedsel links liggen
NRC, 12/30/08

Ook de relatief rijke klanten van supermarktketen Whole Foods moeten bezuinigen. Read more (if you can read Dutch)…
Brighten up the holidays with perfect kitchen gifts
BND, 12/1/08

“Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven” by Emily Farris (Home trade paperback original, $15.95, 2008); 125 no-fuss, hearty, old-school delicious recipes, including ones from pros Bobby Flay, Paula Deen and others. Read more.
Food Talk With Mike Colameco
WOR Radio, 12/1/08

What to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers, you ask? Mike Colameco speaks with Emily Farris, author of Casserole Crazy, about whipping up new recipes with what’s already in the refrigerator. Listen now.
A Few Questions For Casserole Queen Emily Farris
The Frisky, 11/28/08

Emily Farris is set on changing our minds about casseroles, or “hotdishes” as Minnesotans like her call them. Her book, Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven, came out last month and includes yummy recipes from her own repertoire, as well as from big-name chefs like Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, and Donatella Arpaia. Read more.
Savory Sweet Potato Not-Pie: A timely Thanksgiving recipe from a sexy new cookbook, 11/27/08

Scanner Emily, aka Emily Farris, is one of my favorite sources for sexy news over on the Scanner Blog at She’s also a food writer (see my article on The New Intercourses for more on how obvious this connection is) and just published a cool new cookbook called ‘Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven!’ Read more.
Casserole Crazy: Stories on Your Stove
Smith Magazine, 11/11/08

Tonight I went to Emily Farris’s Fourth Annual Casserole Party, a Missouri-meets-Brooklyn cook off featuring hot stuff for your oven… The whole evening was mercifully more nostalgic than ironic, as strangers swapped stories of childhood meals and family traditions. Read more.
Brooklynite crazy over casserole – Local author Emily Farris hosting classes, parties devoted to the baked dish
The Greenpoint Courier, 11/10/08

Farris says it all started four years ago when she threw her first casserole party in Brooklyn, but her love of baked dishes that can feed a crowd trace back to her childhood in barbecue country. Read more.
Chestnuts; Casseroles; Asian Condiments; Cost-conscious Shoppers
KCRW “Good Food,” 11/8/08

Phil Lempert discusses how the economic crisis is affecting the grocery industry, while Lesley Bargar highlights savory Asian condiments and candies. Russ Parsons samples chewy chestnuts, Kathy Farrell-Kingsley whips up homemade dairy products and Octavio Becerra and Steve Goldun make magic with food and fine. Plus, Piero Selvaggio dishes up tasty prosciutto, Emily Farris is crazy for casseroles and Evan Kleiman finds what’s fresh in the Market Report. Listen.
Trend Alert: The Casserole’s Back
YumSugar, 11/7/08

Casserole has long had a bad rap, but after many years, it appears to be shedding its negative image and staging a comeback. Read more.
Crazy for Casseroles
amNY, 11/5/08

Farris organized the first annual casserole party soon after, inviting about a dozen friends to her apartment to share their dishes. The second year there was more interest, and by the third, demand to participate was so strong that she had to move the party to its current home at Brooklyn Label, an upscale diner in Greenpoint. Read more.
Haute Dish: Emily Farris elevates an old budget standby
Tasting Table, 10/3/08

The fourth annual Casserole Party in Brooklyn is accepting entries now for its November 10 competition. Demonstrate your crunchy-topped chops against 29 other original casserole recipes and be judged by former Top Chef contestant Camille Becerra of Paloma, Brooklyn Kitchen co-owner Harry Rosenblum, and last year’s winner, Zack Shulman. Read more.
Mad’s Butternut Squash Bake is just one of the many Thanksgiving recipes arriving now
Times-Picayune, 11/3/08

My e-mail is overflowing with random Thanksgiving recipes being sent to food editors. I’m sticking them on the blog for you all to see if you think any of them might be worth your attention! This one is from Emily Farris’ “Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for your Oven” from Home Books. Read more.
Is Your Casserole Worthy?
Grub Street, NY Mag, 10/14/08

The fourth annual Casserole Party in Brooklyn is accepting entries now for its November 10 competition. Demonstrate your crunchy-topped chops against 29 other original casserole recipes and be judged by former Top Chef contestant Camille Becerra of Paloma, Brooklyn Kitchen co-owner Harry Rosenblum, and last year’s winner, Zack Shulman. Read more.
Crazy for Casseroles
Woman’s Day, 10/8/08

[Y]ou may be surprised to learn that casseroles are making a comeback, shedding their less-than-sophisticated reputation in favor of one that combines comfort with more sophisticated ingredients and flavors. Leading the wave is Brooklyn-based chef Emily Farris, author of brand-new cookbook Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven. Farris has reinvented the casserole, elevating the humble dish with not only more inspired ingredients, but with fresh combinations of flavors and even more imaginative preparation methods. Read more.
Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook, Emily Farris
Not Eating Out in New York, 10/7/08

As Emily Farris‘ first cookbook, Casserole Crazy culls the best examples of that one-dish comfort food from a wide range of sources, including herself. Nostalgic favorites like Classic Tuna Noodle Casserole and nouveau innovations like Beet and Potato au Gratin are all represented throughout its 125 recipes. Easy to flip through and find your next supper, the book even features recipes by superstars Bobby Flay, Donatella Arpaia and Camille Becerra. But of course I love the fact that it contains so many homespun recipes from average-folk friends and family of Emily’s (including me!). There’s also an Introduction by Julie & Julia author Julie Powell. Read more.
Dishing it out to revive a classic
The Brooklyn Paper, 9/30/08

With 125 recipes that range from “The Greenpoint” (Polish sausage, portobello mushrooms and sauerkraut with cream of mushroom soup) to a “Kansas City Masterpiece” (BBQ sauce with chicken breasts and pasta), Farris treats casseroles as a meeting between skinny-jeaned Williamsburg and the wide-hipped Midwest. It’s vegan-friendly fare meets carb-heavy comfort food; gorgonzola meets Cheese Whiz. Read more.
Casserole Crazy
Appetite for Books, 9/29/08

Farris is sometimes tongue in cheek, but always fork in hand, and her casseroles are fun and filling. Read more.
Comfort Food Challenge Update: Battle Chicken Pot Pie and ‘Casserole Crazy’
The Humble Gourmand, 9/26/08

How timely that Casserole Crazy, a cookbook compiling a slew of comforting, one-pot recipes, just arrived at my door… there is an entire chapter devoted to macaroni and cheese. Yippee! Read more.
Recipe du Jour: New York Nut Casserole!
Nuts in NY, 9/25/08

A thousand miles away from her native Independence, Missouri, the new Brooklyn resident launched into baking her own down home casseroles… Since then she has gone on to explore and document – not to mention bake – casseroles in a big way. She has a book coming out, titled Casserole Crazy. And in November she’ll be hosting her Fourth Annual Casserole Party. Read more.
Crazy ’bout casseroles
Indianapolis Star, 9/24/08

The book, to be released in October, includes traditional favorites as well as some apparent classics I’d never run across before, like a south Texas specialty called King Ranch Chicken… I decided to try a less over-the-top dish, a classic tuna-noodle casserole, one that plenty of folks probably grew up with (except for me, since my dad didn’t like tuna or casseroles)… Take it out, add a crunchy topping, such as 2 cups french-fried onions or crushed potato chips, bake it 10 more minutes, and you’ve got a hot tuna dish worthy of anyone’s casserole party.
I might even host my own. Read more.
Lasagna, Deconstructed
Stir Crazy, 9/23/08

The recipe comes from a new cookbook called “Casserole Crazy” by Emily Farris… In a one-pot meal world, this book is a keeper. Read more.
Listen to Emily on the Laurie DeYoung Show on Baltimore’s 93.1
WPOC, 9/22/08

Emily called in today to talk about the book and about some casseroles. If you missed any of the interview, you can hear it right here.
Go Casserole Crazy
Food Loves Writing, 9/22/08

The generous people at Penguin Books sent me a preview copy of Emily’s book, Casserole Crazy, a few weeks ago, and I’ve started trying some of the recipes, all of which have been outstanding. My favorite so far, the Spinach & Artichoke Dip, could rival any restaurant and is absolutely to-die-for delicious with some big tortilla chips… I could eat an entire pan (and almost have). Farris’s book, Casserole Crazy, will be released October 7, 2008 and is already available for pre-order online. You’re going to want a copy. Trust me. Read more.
Cookbook Reviews: Casserole Crazy by Emily Farris and The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever by Beatrice Ojakangas
The Reader, 9/20/08

The two books are obviously similar in terms of subject matter and there’s a fair amount of overlap — these are casseroles after all — but Farris’ is a lot more fun to read. Her irreverent style and quirky sources and recipes (eat the same jerk chicken casserole as Nine Inch Nails! Bobby Flay’s Throwdown Eggplant Parmesan!) inject a lot of personality into what would otherwise be a pretty stale topic. Read more.
Weekend Reading: from casseroles to sauces
Eating Out Loud, 9/19/08

Emily Farris resurrects the humble casserole by covering 125 new takes on casseroles with recipes from celebrity chefs, as well as her own and those from family and friends. Raised in Missouri and now in Brooklyn, the recipes have a definite Midwestern edge with modernized touches here an there. You’ll find an entire chapter dedicated to “Macaroni and Cheese”. Read more.
Seduction by casserole
Relish Austin, 9/15/08

This dish is from “Casserole Crazy: How stuff for your oven” by Emily Farris, a fellow Missourian — complete with a state of Missouri tattoo — who now calls Brooklyn home. Seduction is Farris’ signature casserole. “I started making casseroles for myself and I wasn’t necessarily excited about sharing them with other people,” she says. But after a Martha Stewart-released-from-jail party where her Mac and Corn dish was such a hit that people were begging her to make more, she decided to host a casserole party. One casserole party turned into another, then some media attention and a book deal, all before November’s 4th annual Casserole Party. Read more.
On a ‘role
Brooklyn Papers, 9/15/08

Everyone loves casseroles, but who still makes them? Well, Emily Farris does — and now she has a cookbook so you can get in on the fun, too. Farris — a former Brooklyn Paper writer, by the way — explores the much-mocked history of the beloved casserole, including plumbing the depths of her own horrifying personal discovery: learning that the secret ingredient in her Aunt Susie’s tuna-noodle casserole was Cheeze Whiz. Most important, the book is crammed full of great recipes. Read more.
Good Day Cafe: Supe up your TV dinners with your own recipe
Good Day New York (Fox5), 9/10/08

Take your frozen meal up a notch with some easy add-ons. Watch the video to learn how it’s done. Watch the video.
Casserole Crazy: Cookbook of the Day
Slashfood, 9/9/08

…hold on to your hats casserole lovers, because you’ve got some good stuff coming to you. The book opens with a really fun introduction written by Julie Powell (of Julie and Julia fame). After that, Emily’s voice takes over. She writes with a really engaging tone and offers a bunch of casserole wisdom before diving into the recipes. Read more.
The New Casserole: An Unlikely Manifesto
The Portland Mercury, 5/15/08

The casserole is alive and well, both in the hearts and cookbooks of moms everywhere, and in the irony-drenched corners of Brooklyn, where hipsters congregate each year for the Annual Casserole Party (organized by a woman who blogs at Read more.
How to Judge a Casserole Contest
The Amateur Gourmet, 10/23/2007

When I gave up a career in the law for a career as a food writer, who knew I’d wind up a judge?
Well that’s exactly what happened last week when I went to Brooklyn Label to co-judge The Third Annual Casserole Party, the brainchild of casserole enthusiast Emily Farris. I was a second choice judge: the first choice, the godmother of foodblogging (and friend of Emily’s) Julie Powell couldn’t do it and so Julie wrote me (our first contact) and asked if I would replace her. I said “sure” and that’s how I ended up on the panel you see above, along with Ruth Graham, senior editor at Domino, and Miriam Garron, a sous chef at The Food Network: a casserole court to be reckoned with. Read more.
Tasty Restaurant Gossip
The Brooklyn Paper, 10/20/2007

Congratulations to Zach Schulman and Graham Kelly for taking home the grand prize at casserole queen (and GO Brooklyn contributor) Emily Farris’s third annual Casserole Party on Oct. 16. The boys won prizes from The Brooklyn Kitchen and Word bookstore, and their “Cheese Love” casserole will grace the menu at Brooklyn Label (180 Franklin St. at Java Street in Greenpoint) for the next month. Read more.
Cheese Glorious Cheese: The Third Annual Casserole Party at Brooklyn Label
Gawker, 10/17/2007
Last night at new Franklin Street neighborhood institution Brooklyn Label, a lot of messy-haired people got in touch with their Midwestern roots by eating concoctions with names like “Texas Casserole Massacre” and “Practically Perfect Pairing.” Organizer Emily Farris, whose casserole cookbook comes out next Fall, was in high spirits. “I am running around like a crazy lady!” she said, doing just that. “I have to get some waters for my judges!” The water-needing judges included Adam Roberts, author of “The Amateur Gourmet,” and a lady who is a sous-chef for the Food Network. Read more.
Calling All Casseroles; Jonathan Waxman to Cook Southern on the UES
Grub Street, 9/19/2007

Greenpoint: Casserole fanatic turned cookbook author Emily Farris is hosting a cook-off at Brooklyn Label on October 16. Register now! [Brooklyn Based] Read more.
In the Oven
Brooklyn Based, 9/19/2007

The third annual Casserole Party is coming to Brooklyn Label Oct. 16, and considering nine teams have already signed on, you may want to get cooking, especially since this year, celebrity judges Adam Roberts of The Amateur Gourmet fame and Domino senior editor Ruth Graham will determine the winning one-pot meal.
It’s a lot of pomp for a humble dish, but organizer and writer Emily Farris, whose favorite rendition is a twist on her cheesy mac and corn casserole called “Seduction,” knows how the low-brow casserole can melt the hearts of uppity foodies. Read more.
Cracker-Barrel 2.0
The New York Times, 7/8/2007
Among individuals in this last category was Emily Farris, who is at work on a casserole cookbook and whose blog contains her recipe for the Greenpoint, inspired by her neighborhood’s Polish flavors: kielbasa, cheese, mushroom, potato and sauerkraut.
Sex Advice From Casserole Bakers 6/21/07
Each year, Emily Farris hosts a cut-throat casserole-baking competition in Brooklyn. Here, we present sex advice from four recent competitors. Read more.
Squashing the Competition
Time Out New York 3/29/2007
The future Queen of Casseroles may qualify as a trendy Brooklynite (she works as a freelance website designer and writer), but her Casserole Party is not an exercise in kitsch. “Given that I grew up on casseroles, the idea is not ironic,” remarks Farris over coffee in Greenpoint. “It’s part of [my] childhood.… People forget or don’t know how good casseroles are.” Though Farris cites her aunt’s tuna noodle as a favorite, her own specialty is a mac ’n’ corn concoction. Read more.
Use Your Noodle
The New York Post 10/25/2006
Indigenous to Midwestern church socials and potlucks, the humble one-dish delight is the latest in retro artifacts appropriated by hipster creative types – a flock of whom gathered on a recent Saturday night in Brooklyn for the Second Annual Casserole Party.
Missouri native Emily Farris, 24, hosted the event with a down-home élan, lending a touch of “domestic bliss” to foodie irony. Read more.
One Dish Wonders
The New York Sun 11/2/2005
In a cramped Brooklyn apartment, a klatch of New Yorkers – some natives, some transplants, and even a few serious cooks – gathered recently for an experiment rarely tested outside of Midwestern church basements: a casserole contest. Read more.

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