Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Traveling Contradiction

I consider myself a fairly green person. I use cloth napkins, I recycle, and as lazy as I can be at times, I still haven't been able to bring myself to get a one-cup brew system for my morning coffee.

Truth be told, my thoughtless spending creates lots of waste. The tank top and underwear I'm wearing were most likely made in sweatshops and will begin to fall apart in a few months, I often have to trash organic food I don't use in time, and whenever I travel (and especially when I fly) I pick up new travel-size toiletries for my trip. Because I rarely check a bag, some of these items — like toothpaste — make sense. But it wouldn't be hard for me to refill my Dr. Bronner's soap or other lotions.

This week, I've been traveling for work and made not one, but two, stops at drugstores for tiny toiletries. And because I didn't think ahead when packing, I had to buy a small bottle of ibuprofen when I got a little crampy (I later found some in my purse).

Though my frugality project hasn't officially begun, I'm already thinking a lot about where my money goes. This week, $20 or more of it has gone to little plastic containers full of chemicals. 

Am I about to turn into that weird lady who travels with a few squirts of toothpaste in a Ziploc bag? (Is it weird that I kind of hope so?)

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