Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obligatory Whiny Post (Because every new blog needs one, right?)

Today started off okay. I did a sunrise yoga class — though it was unusually and almost uncomfortably crowded — and work was work. But in the early evening, in the midst of some delusional excitement, I started to realize the possible consequences of a decision I made a few weeks ago. No, it was not starting this project; in fact, it's more like the antithesis of this project.

Best case, it's likely to slow down my financial progress a bit. Worst case, it may prevent Kyle and me from doing some really important things we had planned to do this year. There's not really any turning back on this decision, and I don't want to, which is another part of the problem. I believe I did the right thing, I maybe just did it at the wrong time.

So, we argued. I shed some tears. We didn't assemble the kimchi we planned to start tonight for our upcoming supper club. Oh, and neither of us ate dinner — though I did inhale an entire package of black sesame candy from the Asian market after I let Kyle go to bed alone. It should also be noted that whilst stuffing said sesame candy in my mouth, I clicked on a traffic source link for this site that took me to a close-up, very high resolution picture of a woman's butthole.

I'm sorry. Not for telling you about the asshole I just witnessed, but for this whiny post. It's really not meant to be one of those annoyingly vague, rambling updates, though I know that's exactly what it is so far (save for the butthole imagery you can't forget). I promise to write more about this decision and its consequences in detail very soon. For now, it's just meant to illustrate that today didn't end on the best note.

And then I got this response from someone I copied on a very professional (yet as stern as it needed to be) email I wrote to resolve an issue for work this afternoon:
"Let it be known: EMILY FARRIS WILL NOT TAKE YOUR SHIT! I will wear that on a t-shirt." 
While it didn't quite make everything better, it came pretty damn close.

If I weren't on a spending diet, I'd have two made and send her one. Seriously. 

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