Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Trip to Chicago, In Instagram

Apologies for the radio silence. Kyle and I just returned from a week-long trip to Chicago. It was the first time I'd traveled without my computer since I went backpacking through Europe when I was 25.

To be honest, it was anything but frugal. We (okay, Kyle) prepaid for most of it before I began this project. But we had so much fun and ate so much good food. I'm still getting used to taking pictures of everything — as a "lifestyle blogger" I'm supposed to always do that, right? — but I managed to grab a few Instagram photos. I did not, however,  manage to edit them all with the same frame. Sorry.

The main theme of this trip was food, and I ate so much more bread than I should have. I shouldn't eat any, of course. But who can resist foie gras brioche French toast from Longman & Eagle (where we stayed for the second half of our trip)? Not me!

 Or a carnitas sandwich with a fried egg and pickled onions from Reno?

Or, uh, just about every sausage at Hot Doug's?

We did more than eat, of course. We saw The Book of Mormon, which I highly recommend unless you're Mormon or any other variety of super-conservative Christian. And early in our trip, we visited a friend of Kyle's, who along with his two male roommates in Wicker Park, was hiding this beautiful old couch with a boring beige cover. It broke my heart a little. 

Luckily, they couldn't really cover the beautiful fireplace and window in the apartment.

We also got to go to AmericanaramA, a touring summer festival featuring two of my favorite bands ever, Wilco and My Morning Jacket, as well as a very old Bob Dylan. While I didn't even recognize his rendition of "Tangled Up in Blue," I was glad to see him at least once in my (and his) life.

This was also an opportunity to be frugal: I went in with a bottle of bourbon in my underwear so I wouldn't have to pay for shitty over-priced stadium beer.

By the end of the show, my dogs were barking... and I seriously considered purchasing new shoes the next day, but did not, thank you very much.

Of course, I did do a little thrifting with my friend Holly. I mean, I can't take a trip and not buy anything.

It was a wonderful and much-needed vacation with my wonderful husband, and we were able to celebrate our wonderful new house.

Speaking of, it's time for me to start taking carloads of stuff over there. More updates soon.

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  1. I'm impressed that you didn't get shot in the street. Successful trip.
    "Chicago IT"

  2. I truly feel like I was there with you. Great photos. You really had a awesome time by the looks of these photos.
    "Chicago IT"