Sunday, May 12, 2013

Closet Shopping: My Birthday Suit


This is the first year of my adult life that I didn't buy myself something new to wear on my birthday. So last night, before Kyle took me out to Justus Drugstore — our special occasion place — I had a hard time finding something in my closet I wanted to wear. Over the last few years, I've given away so many clothes, I really felt like I had nothing but dresses and t-shirts left. But it was too cold for a dress so I went with jeans and a flowy linen and lace top that could (and probably someday will) be a maternity shirt. For now, it does a great job of concealing my food baby.

I did end up wearing one new thing: the sweet harmonica necklace my friend Diddy (not that Diddy) got me for my birthday. I promised Kyle I wouldn't play it in the restaurant, but I may have drunkenly played it in the cab on the way home. Maybe.

jeans, shoes, cardigan: Target | top: Purchased in 2008 at Dalaga in Greenpoint Brooklyn | ring: Vintage | necklace: | bag: TJ Maxx

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