Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photo of the Day: Stop and Smell the Roses

Mornings are usually very hectic for me; I often arrive late at work with wet hair (that, or it's so dirty it looks wet) and end up putting my on my make-up once I'm settled into my cubicle. So it's rare I take the time to enjoy anything, even a cup of coffee, before I get to the office.

But this morning I decided to take my time doing things. I hit snooze for half an hour (which is not so unusual), I helped Kyle get the trash out, I loaded and started the dishwasher, I attempted and failed at an outdoor run, and I took the dog for a short walk before dropping him off at the vet for his check-up. On the way home, without Jack tugging on the leash to get through the front door, I had a minute to stop and snap these roses before the Midwest heat kills them.

As far as roses go, these aren't so bad. You see, I'm not really a rose fan. In fact, if you said, "Emily, I am in love with you and want to send you flowers to show my affection. What should I send?" I would reply: "Anything but roses." (I would think not sending carnations would be a given.) But, someone planted rose bushes in the front of the house we rent and, unlike Jack, I'm not one to destroy someone else's landscaping. It was a good reminder to just slow down and be a bit more deliberate about things sometimes.

Of course, with my dilly-dallying and chasing the cat around the house to give her meds, I was half an hour late to work today. But I had mascara on when I got there, and I remembered to take my lunch — that I had planned the night before — so that's something, right?

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