Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saving a Surplus of Spinach

Wednesday was a big food day for us. It was the first day of our CSA, we were hosting Supper Club (a gathering of four couples, well, now three couples and one guy, who get together once a month to geek out over home-cooked food), and when my friend Kristina showed up, she brought us two big bunches of organic spinach that needed to be consumed or composted ASAP.

Confession: Before I started this project, I was always throwing out produce (save for the summer I spent eating on $50 a week). I would buy it with the best of intentions, but when I'd come home from work hungry and tired, and was faced with the choice of cooking versus carryout, I bet you can guess which way I would go.

But I wasn't about to let this spinach go bad, or at least get any closer to decay than it already was. So, I separated out the bad leaves, rinsed the good ones and put them in the food processor with a little water. Then, I scooped my spinach sludge into Dixie cups and put them in the freezer.

Now I have 20 servings of frozen spinach for my morning smoothies. I have to tear the cup or run a just a little bit of warm water over the top to loosen the spinach, but it's great to have another frozen element to go along with the berries, especially since summer is about to sneak up on us.

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